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Media matters. A lot. Forty percent of people respond better to visual information over plain text, and further, nearly half of all respondents in a Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab study claimed that a website’s design was their ultimate criterion for discerning a company’s credibility. When you combine crisp copy with stunning visual design, your content and brand breaks through the noise and connects powerfully with customers.

The connection all starts with high-quality photography and video production, the heart and soul of an immersive web experience. Users have grown weary of the old generic stock photography routine, and custom photography and videography allow you to continually engage consumers while potently reinforcing your message and brand.

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Need a web app? We develop and maintenance website platforms with a powerful combination of conventional and advanced technologies, leveraging cutting edge machine discoverability with tried-and-true SEO fundamentals.

Got data? We build apps with highly available and scalable cloud-based APIs, backed with integrated reporting and analytics from Google. As Google Partners, we can offer custom solutions and best practices for fully indexable and SEO-friendly mobile apps.

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Visual Storytelling for Your Brand
Visual Storytelling for Your Brand

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The major search crawlers, with Google leading the pack, are moving toward a brave new web based on semantic fact recognition and adaptive machine learning. Channel management and promotion are rapidly outgrowing traditional SEO techniques alone, and our marketing strategies seamlessly integrate these burgeoning discoverability opportunities. We acquire traffic through intelligent advertising research and semantic visibility, develop audiences with engaging content, and optimize conversions with insightful testing and reporting.

Delve beyond cost per converted click and connect to customers while gaining truly useful insights into both your user base and your brand affinity.

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Brewer Digital Marketing offers a range of powerful branding, development and marketing solutions. Check out our recent projects and see if we can help your business bloom.

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Brad Brewer

Founder, CEO
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Bill Brewer

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Mindy Brewer

Human Resources
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Apurva Alok

Software Engineer
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Joe Jenkin

Creative Director
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Justin DeRosa

UI/UX Architect


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